ALTERLY is a virtual entertainment agency that focused on producing and developing virtual character to unlock new potential business line and expand audience through personalized Virtual Character


OUR MISSION is to introduce and build a new entertainment experience through virtual characters



Rhea Ageha is a princess from the royal line of Papilloné Monarchy, who rules over Asclepia; the world of butterfly people.  One day, her divine crystal sphere shows a vision of a brand new world, a place where humans and wonderful modern inventions prosper. The bewildered princess investigated this world further, being immensely interested in bringing their technology to her own world which still relies on more traditional ways of living. 
Eventually, Rhea came across the term “Virtual Youtuber” and decides to try her own fortune in its line of work, as it presents her the opportunity to communicate with many people from the modern world. Her aspiration is to one day be referred to as “Queen Rhea Ageha: Pathfinder of Asclepia’s New Era”.


Rora Meeza is an alien from another galaxy with ears resembling an animal that Earthlings call a “cat”.  She fell from her malfunctioning spaceship and safely landed on Earth (just like a “cat”).
Rora settled in comfortably and grew fond of Earth and the humans in it, especially after finding her favorite food; marshmallows and hot chocolate. She is scared of a certain local orange cat but she is trying to be braver.
Currently, she has no intention of going back to her home planet. She wants to learn more about Earth, play games, share her songs, and live to the fullest!


Milly Cotone is a youthful and strong-willed alien girl who lived in an ancient underground colony deep below the earth’s surface.  All of her plant-comrades and family possess a small physique, they also fear the civilization above ground. However, intrigued by the stories of her taller ancestors who used to live above the surface, Milly emerged from the subterranean and ventured above ground to feel the warmth and potency of natural sunlight. 
She is trying her best to photosynthesize and grow as tall and as powerful as the legendary giant Godzilla so that she could protect her people and the remaining greeneries from evil.


Leifa Nerine is an aquatic deity who lives at the jewel gardens of the ocean; a vast and colorful coral reef. She is one of the Ocean Goddess’s many daughters, and as a mystical being, she maintains her human form with the energy from the coral reef and the seaside villagers’ offerings. Without this energy, she would be stuck in her small leafy seadragon form, or worse, reduced to mere seafoam.
Using her spiritual power and some underwater inventions, Leifa tried to establish contact with humans to thank them for loving the ocean and encourage them to cherish the lives inside it.




ALTERLY is now holding auditions for those who have experience in the content distribution (games, songs & creators).
We welcome you to challenge yourself in becoming our generation 0 of VTubers!